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Not All Laminating Film is the Same: How to Determine What Type You Need

There’s a common misconception that all laminating films are created equal. In fact, they vary in terms of type, quality and cost. Whether you need to encapsulate with gloss, laminate after litho or obtain …

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6 Common Issues with Laminating Machines

Laminating machine problems usually go something like this…“How do I get the film to stick properly?” and “How do I stop getting bubbles under the film?” These are 2 of the most common troubleshooting …

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4 Insider Tips for Increasing Profitability on Your Next Print Job

Are you worried about competitors pricing below cost? In the BPIF Printer Outlook Survey for Q2, 70% of printers said they were, making it the number one business concern. Even though there was growth in the …

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The anatomy of an effective in-store catalogue

An effective in-store catalogue is more than just a list of products. It’s a vital part of the customer experience and can often make or break a sale. You can easily irritate your customers if your …

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Lamination vs. Encapsulation: Which Do You Need?

Although most people in the printing industry understand the basic difference between lamination and encapsulation, there is still a great deal of confusion, with many conflating the two. But while lamination and encapsulation both fall under …

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